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President And Wife

Macron and Wife – Venus meets Pluto

France resisted right-wing nationalism and chose Emmanuel Macron as president. And is 25-year older wife. Once again, we see the determination of the French to celebrate a liberated form of love and allow their politicians to be exactly who they want to be. All the same, Macron has had to defend his private life to the media… why did he choose to marry Brigitte Trogneux who is so much older than he is?

 Of course, the opposite combination, when an older man marries a younger woman, has been culturally seen as quite acceptable – a testimony to the man’s evolutionary potency. But now we are witness to love on a higher level, when the difference in age cannot be explained through biological argument, but only through pure chemistry, personal attraction and an experience of belonging on a soul level. Love has not been devalued through power play, genetics or cultural or religious expectations. France has declared its tolerance and openness through this alliance of love.

Perhaps this has been the meaning of the stationary position of Mercury conjoining Uranus (the new) and in trine to Saturn (the old) up to and during the French election. Venus was also in Aries and will meet both Pluto and Uranus, showing the courage and rebellious spirit that Macron and his wife must have. This is a kind of reversed mirror-image to USA, where Trump and his wife, with the same age difference demonstrate quite different values.

President And Wife