Category: Adrian’s Articles 2011

NAUGHTY MEN – Part I : Schwarzenegger

By now it is well known that women come from Venus and men from Mars. Despite the attempted reversals or homogenization of male and female roles in the 1970’s,
when Uranus and Pluto transited the relationship sign of Libra, experience has
shown that little boys like guns and little girls don’t. Big girls are generally not attracted to men who are soft and dependent, whilst big boys go for beauty rather than muscle. That is the way of Venus and Mars, which are universal gender organizing principles for humanity. And whilst we may lament hat vast sums of money are spent by governments on military hardware, it is interesting to ponder on the fact that equal sums of money are spent on the fashion and beauty industry. Read More

George W. Bush & Saddam Hussein

If you look at the AstroCartoGraphy map for the USA (Sibley horoscope), you’ll find that the Pluto line goes straight through the Midheaven at Baghdad. In other words, the darkest projections of Americans are channeled into leadership issues in this distant country. As Pluto will often represent something that needs to be rejected, destroyed or eliminated, it is the natural fate of Saddam Hussein to be the object of the greatest fears of the USA, and to suffer accordingly. In this light it is easy to understand the Bush administration’s goal of removing him from power. Read More

The Art of Losing an Election

The art of electing a time to do anything is the most challenging task for any astrologer. Over the centuries rules have been written down, but times change, new planets are discovered, and no astrological configuration precisely repeats itself, making these rules limited in value. For many dedicated astrologers today – especially those interested in horary – planning actions according to chosen horoscopes becomes second nature. In this way it is possible to use daily life as a great teacher, and every day brings successes and failures which can be learned from. Read More

Astrology & Daily News

If you do not have the time or money to enrol yourself in an astrology course, here’s another suggestion: have a newspaper delivered directly to your door. Astrology does not happen in a vacuum. Everything that takes place at any given time and place will in one way or another reflect whatever is going on in the Cosmos. The same force that moves the planets, moves people. The smallest thing in the universe undergoes the same processes as the largest. The same rules apply to both, and indeed, an action in one sphere reflects an action in another. Read More