Month: October 2011

Hello again, Obama

Whilst Sarkozy is not popular in France; neither is Obama popular in the USA.  Republicans hate him; never have the States been so divided. But even many Democrats are bitterly disappointed in him, saying he has caved in to Republican demands and watered down Democrat policies, social, environmental and political. This deep disappointment in Obama has always been on the agenda, for, with his Sun square Neptune, he has always embodied impossible hopes.  But it is unlikely that he is weak either, for Saturn, the ruler of his Aquarian ascendant, is strong in Capricorn, and his Sun is strong in Leo. But the Sun in the 6th house shows a man motivated to tone down ego needs to make work go smoothly, and his Saturn trine Mars in Virgo, is very, very pragmatic. He is obviously supremely intelligent, with Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury on the one hand and trine Jupiter on the other. But the fact that Moon is in Gemini in the 4th house of home and country, and square Pluto reflects not only his split childhood, where is grandmother looked after him more than his mother, but also the polarized country that he rules. Read More