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Formulate your question clearly, and try to limit yourself to one question. Some extra detail will help the astrologer. For example, if you fancy a relationship with someone, it might be helpful to say if you are single or married. Although our astrologer might spot that

These questions can include things like:

1. I have met a man. Do you think we will have a relationship, is he a good person, and will he be good for me?

2. I have been unemployed for many months. When will I find work again, and should it be in the same branch (property)?

3. My wife and I have been trying for a child. Will we be successful, and when?

4. I have been studying at university for a year, but I do not like it. Shall I persevere, or should I drop the education and find something else?

5. My eldest son is having trouble in school. Does the fault lie with him, or with the school, and if the latter shall we change his school?

6. My marriage is in crisis. Is there anything I can do, and what will be the outcome?

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