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  • Technical Support If you cannot find the answer to your technical question on the website, you can send an enquiry to support@world-of-wisdom.com

    Remember to give the following information:
    1. Which program do you have: Horoscope Interpreter, Astrology for Lovers or AstroCalendar?
    2. Do you have the CD-version or Internet download version?
    3. How much did you pay for the program and where was it purchased?
    4. What version of Windows do you have?

    What operating systems can World of Wisdom software be installed on?
    -WOW only works on Windows. Later we will develop cross platform software

    Installation in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8
    1. Install the programs as Administrator
    2. Make a shortcut icon on your desktop
    3. Right click on the WOW icon and “Open as Administrator”

    If you still have problems with opening and running the software
    - Restart your machine
    - Close down all programs, including you browser

    If you still have problems:
    - Close down your anti-virus program for 5 minutes and open WOW.

    What do WOW CDs have that the shareware does not have?
    1. There are small videos on the CDs which are not on the shareware.
    2. The CDs are multilingual and you can switch languages from within the program
    - Horoscope Interpreter: English, German, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish
    - Astrology for Lovers: English, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish
    - AstroCalendar: English, Danish

    What is the next module, and when is it coming...?
    At present there are these modules:
    1. Horoscope Interpreter
    2. Astrology for Lovers
    3. Astrological Calendar
    The next project is more web-based than software-based and can be followed here at www.astrowow.com We plan to adapt the software to work on all platforms including mobile

    Can I edit the interpretations...?
    - Sorry, no. It does not seem to be the literary correct thing to do. Great care went into the texts, and it could upset the balance and complex merging facilities in the program if the text was changed. With programs such as Solar Fire and Matrix there are text editing features.

    Can I sell the Interpretations...?
    - You can give away interpretations to friends, family and clients. You can also become an Elite Customer of our site and sell all our reports for only $10.

    Can I run WOW software on a Mac...?
    - Unfortunately World of Wisdom is not available on the Mac, though you can install and run it if you have a Windows emulator like Soft Windows installed on your Mac. We are working on making cross-platform software that will work on Mac, iPhone and Android

    How can I send reports by E-mail...?
    - You can make a file of the WOW printout by installing a PDF program. Once installed just select the PDF printer from the list of printers on your machine. You can also download free PDF programs from www.pdf995.com (Please note: if you wish to market WOW reports professionally, you need to buy a special license.)