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  • Astrology Reading FAQ How long does it take to receive a report?
    Delivery is in real time and should never take longer than 15 minutes. If you have not received your report, please check your Spam filter. If it is not there, please write to Support and we will inverstigate.

    The exception to this is the Astrology for Lovers report, which is manually generated and sent by email within 48 hours.

    How long does it take to get a printed report?
    Reports are printed and sent normally within 24 hours. For Europe delivery is within 5 days, and for USA and Rest of the World please allow 10 days.

    Under what circumstances can I utilize your money-back guarantee?
    We ask you to check the example reports and preview reports before ordering to make sure you know what you are getting. If you are dissatisfied, we will refund, but we do not consider the request fair if you merely disagree with the content of the report.If your report is not correct in any way we would like the opportunity to send you a new or alternative report. Write to support@world-of-wisdom.com for refunds or replacements. Refunds take place via Paypal.

    My report has been calculatedly incorrectly…?
    Please send your birth details to support. We will immediately send you a new report.

    I have tried to order, but nothing happens when I hit the Submit button…?
    All fields must be filled in. Make sure you physically click on your birth town in the drop-down list.

    How are the reports made?
    All WOW reports are written and designed by Adrian Ross Duncan, and they are based on 30 years of consultation experience. We have programmed our server to make a complex series of calculations in the space of just a couple of minutes, which enables you to get a report, which has in fact taken several years to program and write, to you in real time.

    What if I feel the interpretation is wrong?
    You know best. Astrology is not an exact science in any way. The reports are astrological and psychological approximations which are meant to be as helpful as possible. When you identify with something that feels right, then you can use out interpretations to help. If they feel wrong, just ignore them.